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Dr. Elizabeth Hood’s groundbreaking work developing plant-made enzymes for cellulosic biomass conversion has been awarded a $1.845 million grant by U.S. Department of Energy, the Walmart Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation. Dr. Hood’s work is taking place at the Arkansas Biosciences Institute at Arkansas State University.

Memphis Bioworks Foundation: Leading the way for a Regional Bioeconomy

AgBioworks is an initiative of Memphis Bioworks Foundation and BioDimensions dedicated to developing new agricultural technologies and processing, which will result in a strong bioeconomy in the Mississippi Delta. Bioeconomy refers to the sustainable use of agricultural and forestry products to supply abundant food, biofuels and biobased products that are increasing in global importance. The development of strategies to increase biodiversity, opportunities for farmers and increase green jobs has created new opportunities to impact workforce development and the economy.

Memphis Bioworks Foundation is a non-profit organization leading the collaboration between public, private, academic and government entities to accelerate the growth of the biosciences in the Memphis region. By leveraging the region’s competitive strengths, the Foundation continues to expand the infrastructure, educational opportunities and entrepreneurship needed to grow and impact the bioscience industries.

The Memphis Bioworks Foundation accomplishments have included:

BioDimensions, Memphis Bioworks Foundation’s partner in the AgBioworks initiative, is a consulting firm dedicated to helping create successful strategies to capitalize on the emerging bioeconomy. Together the two organizations are developing a strategic plan for the 98-county Mississippi Delta region in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. This strategy will help align public and private funding, while creating opportunities for farmers, improving the environment and increasing green jobs.

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